Noindex sent to Google crawling bot, even though the website doesn't have this tag

My website is having a huge problem. Google reports that my site is being blocked by bots via the “noindex” tag. However, this tag cannot be found on the website’s html source code.

But suddenly, I went to and saw that my website has a tag to block robots but this tag on my website does not exist. It only appears at google url test tool.

After ruling out all possibilities, I can only guess this tag appears to be something on cloudflare.
Is there any way I can check if this noindex tag comes from cloudflare?
Currently my website is very badly affected by this tag. So please help me.

I can pretty much confirm it’s not coming from Cloudflare. The only way that could be added is:

  1. you have a Worker you set-up that adds it.
  2. you have a Cloudflare App, you added, that does this.

The most likely explanation is the origin doing something weird. If you have a valid certificate on the origin, as you should, pause Cloudflare (or, better, unproxy the DNS record) and check again, you’d probably find it there still.

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