NodeJS servers on different ports + CF?

The site uses a bunch of nginx + nodejs. I want to connect to the Cloudflare site. By default, have 6 HTTPS ports available at a free plan, i run 7 NodeJS servers with different ports are running on the server.

Is there anything i can do to make the seventh nodejs server work fine with Cloudflare? For example, use nginx proxy, or can there be an opportunity to hang 2 servers on the same port? Because all servers work in different sections:,, etc.

Thanks for help!

Cloudflare wouldnt support that. You could only write your own custom worker or check out Cloudflare Apps

and how i can use it? for example 1 of my server use 7777 port, which cloudflare doesn’t support, what settings of portzilla i need use?

You best check out the application for that. Overall, I’d advise against that setup and rather stick to supported ports.

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