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Hello. I use Node.js + Nginx + Cloudflare.

Node.js running at 3000 port.

Nginx have configuration:

location / {
proxy_pass http://host:3000;
proxy_set_header Host $host;

This dosnt work! Why? If I dont pass through cloudflare(disable cloud) it is work but HTTPS doesn’t work and my ip is not hide!

if i use 8080 or 2052 port etc, from cloudflare list i have Error 1000!

How right use Node + Nginx + Cloudflare?


Cloudflare doesn’t proxy Port 3000. Here’s a list of ports you can use:

A 1000 error is different. That’s when the IP address you’ve entered can’t be proxied by Cloudflare. Here are some causes:


I understand, but if i use every port from list available port i have Error 1000!

My ip adress is correct, i have this in my cloudflare DNS list

If i pass host through cloudflare i have Error 1000.


It doesn’t matter which port you use. If it’s a Prohibited IP address, Cloudflare isn’t going to work.


What do you mean Prohibited IP?
It is ip address my server?


It’s the IP address you entered for your server.

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