NodeJS https server other web port

Hi all !

I had migrate to cloudfare DNS for performance, and auto SSL certificat, but my nodeJS application don’t work.

I have tried to use http or https nodejs server, with 9999 port, and that don’t work.

I have check this: and tried 8443 port, and don’t work.

I do not have access to the address website:9999 or website:8443.

On 8443 port, i have 525 error cloudfare
And on 9999 timed out.

I have tried flexible and complet ssl mode in my dns, any work.

I have check several tutoriel in internet, any works.

I juste want my nodejs server work, on a port other than the port intended for the web. And if possible on port 9999, how to do it?

Thank for your reply

You already know 9999 won’t work if you’re proxying through Cloudflare. Unless you’re on an Enterprise Plan ($$$$$) using Spectrum. Otherwise you’re going to have to find a compatible port from the article in your link.

As for the 525, your site was working on port 8443 with HTTPS before you put it on Cloudflare?

No, it was on port 9999, but on nodejs, we just have to change the port so that it goes on 8443.

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