Node url not working

I have pointed my nodejs server to a subdomain name. it is working fine in desktop but not able to view in mobile phones

Probably a DNS issue.

Whats the URL?

my site
here we using node to display some visualisation like graph
my node url is (this url will work separate in mobile but not work with the main site

.com or .net?

.net does load with a “Not Authorised !” message.

yes that was right …
it works fine in desktop

So it works then?

no . i have a main domain , inside this site am using it is working fine in desktop, not in mobile phone browsers

As I said, this will be most likely a DNS issue of your mobile phone provider. It shows up here just fine.

Post a screenshot.


this is the issue

I dont know what that is supposed to mean and there might be an issue with your site.

The record in question does resolve.

actaully am not suppose to share the user and password for the site
the first screen from desktop browser it shows the map and other visualisation
the second screen from mobile browser it doesn’t show the same contents,
the map and visualisation are working in nodejs.

That doesnt change the fact the record is properly set up and does work. If there is an issue, it is either an issue with your site or aforementioned DNS issue.

can give any solution for this,
like this may ips where blocked,
is this from iphone !

That is a different issue however.

Also, that appears to be one of the rules of WAF. If you disable the rule in question these requests will probably go through.

Also also, that is not from an iOS device, but Windows.

Hi Team ,

If i enabled the WAF, i am getting the following error in my console for the domain

If i disable the WAF, Pages are loading smoothly , can you give me a solution asap to work this up?

What is the solution to over come this issue?
Do i need to setup in Access tab , do i need to make any configurations ??

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