Node routing

Hi everyone.
How I can fix routing for our website goes through the US servers but not Europe. And there is no support for our account, so I can ask only here.

Ping instead of 5 ms goes up to 50 ms.

I know that Cloudflare is an anycast network, and where I’m routed is determined by peering with ISPs.
But last year, our data center was the local Cloudflare node. But recently, it changed, and packets have to go10 000 miles before going back 10 000 miles again. (From Europe to Cloudflare US node, and back from US node to Europe)

We had the same issue before, and it changed after contacting support. But now there are no support tickets at all.
Only community forum.

How can we change that?

Routing defines the way in which the client requests are handled by the application endpoints . Implementation of routing in Node. js: There are two ways to implement routing in node. js which are listed below: By Using Framework. For more information see

When you visit your site /cdn-cgi/trace what datacenter is listed? It’s unlikely to be the US if you are in the EU, but that would be the manner to confirm.

Colo=Sweden (ARN) but the final IP is which is the USA

Cloudflare runs an anycast network, they advertise the same IP address from hundreds of datacenters. Your connection is to the ARN datacenter.

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