NOB needs HELP with 301 redirect :)

Hey there! I am in desperate need of a Cloudflare guru. :slight_smile: I am more artist than tech so a little lost. I moved my DNS records to Cloudflare because this developer of a white label software needed me to set up a subdomain with SSL cert (where I have the DNS records I could not do that) Everything is working good…BUT…now (for SEO reasons and other) I changed my main domain…but as I have links to my business built on the domain here at Cloudflare I want to do a 301 redirect for this dmoain to the one now connected to my site (actually both point to my website) but I have no idea how to do it …and to make sure I don’t break the software on the subdomain. I would be VERY GRATEFUL for any help. <3 Julia

HERE IS SOME INFO (that ends with a cuation) from my software porvider:

  • How to configure SSL with Cloudflare

  • ● Add SSL support to your domain:
    Go to the “Crypto” section and change SSL to “Flexible” or “Full.”

Don’t choose “Full (Strict)” as this will result in an invalid SSL certificate.

● Create a page rule enforcing HTTPS
○ Go to “Page Rules” and create a new page rule with the following settings, replacing with your own custom domain.

● Disable Cloudflare page speed features
○ Go to “Speed” and disable Rocket Loader and Mirage for your custom Social Media

Platform domain.
Both of these features result in Cloudflare attempting to add some javascript to your Social Media Platform. This will break functionality on your Social Media Platform due to security settings your Social Media Platform has enabled.

Those directions look a little confusing. Try these:

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Thanks SO MUCH! I’m not sure I explained myself well. I want to do a 301 permanent redirect of the root domain here at Cloudflare (but NOT the subdmain that I also have the DNS records for here- to make sure I do not “break” the software which is hosted at the subdomain).

The long explaination for the SSL was just warnings from the software dev team that I need to disable “Rocket Loader” and “Mirage” in Cloudflare when doing the SSL cert setup as those features would attempt to add some javascript that would “break” the software connection.


Basically I want to 301 redirect all pages aside from the subdomain while making sure I dont break the software on the subdomain.

Is that something I can pay you to do for me? If so please DM me at [email protected]

I need to do the 301 redirect so that the I am not penalized for duplicate content and also to pass the link juice I built to the domain I want to redirect back to the new domain name.

Does that make sense?

Your best bet for control over this is to run the redirect on the subdomain’s root at the server, either with .htaccess or web.config.

Thanks Jules (thats my nickname BTW)! :slight_smile:

I can’t do anything with the subdomain…I need those records to stay as they are. I’m not sure I am explaining well.

I am host on Cloudflare
I have an app running on a subdomain of site 1 The developer of that app moved my DNS from Godaddy to Cloudflare so that he could connect the app (not sure why). was hosting my main website but I now have a new domain that is the primary host for my website

I have links for my business out to so I want to do a 301 redirect of to - BUT I have to keep the settings for the app ( hosted here and hopefully not break that app with redirects.

Does that make more sense? It’s just a redirect…I’m just not too familiar with how sub-domains are affected when doing a redirect. :slight_smile: I am happy to pay someone a reasonable fee to help me sort this out. :slight_smile:

(Jules is my nickname as well)

Am I paraphrasing this correctly? must redirect to must not be redirected

If so, htaccess or web.config in should be used to create the 301. It’s not a matter of DNS or Cloudflare.
Since that file only exists in www, your app will not be affected.

If you have FTP access to, that is all you need to edit the file with redirect rules.

Many of us are freelance pros or own web shops. But it’s bad form to advertise that whenever someone needs help. We help for the good vibes.
That being said, you can look up anyone’s profile for more/direct contact information. Thats a hint btw :slight_smile:

Thanks Jules! Didn’t mean to be tacky…was just rying to get it done quickly. Never used Cloudflare before. I found the access I needed on the “page rules” section and it was just a simple forward of the whole site. Everything working perfectly. Thank you both again! :slight_smile: Cheers! have a great weekend!

No I meant for me to advertise would be tacky. We actually had an internal discussion about it a few months ago.

Personally I like to manage redirects on the server. But in any case I’m glad you have it worked out.
Enjoy the weekend!

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