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Hello, Ive used this app for a while now and the last day or so I noticed huge loading times for my site. After hours of trial and error Ive found that enabling NoAdBlock app was the problem please see the attachment you will see 3 favicon.ico loading and they only load on my pages when your NoAdBlock is active, NoAdBlock is inactive they aren’t requested. Why does the NoAdBlock request these files?

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Hi, sorry you’re having trouble here with NoAdBlock. Would you mind sharing the URL of the page this is occurring for?

NoAdBlock should not be adding these requests, but in the instance your do disable an Ad blocking software then the Ads on the site might be adding these.


Hi Victoria, I no longer using this app I had to remove it because of the issues I was having with speed impacting my site I did speak to the dev and on multiple instances this occurred it was 100% adding these request which I find ridiculous!

Now $29 a month! for this junk.