"no zone" error

Hi, I installed WP Fastest Cache and per the instructions i needed Cloudflare CDN integration. I followed the tutorial steps and am getting this error message


Can you share a link to that?

The error you’re sharing is not a cloudflare screen and I don’t see any zones in your account. Which is what the error is saying as well.

This is the link it sent me to:

Thank you. After you add a site to your account and enter API token, do you get the same error?

So the plugin is loaded directly into the wordpress website, it did not ask for any website when i was doing the account setup.

It is possible to have an account without a site added, but it’s not possible to use a cache plugin without a site. That makes sense to me and is what the WP Fastest Cache screen is telling you.

The only thing I could find for adding a website is this page:

Is that the correct page? So I would have Cloudflare doing half the web hosting for my site? Or how does this work.

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That appears to be an view when not logged in? Normally, you’d login and select +Add a site to add a new website to cloudflare

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 3.50.42 PM

Cloudlfare won’t be hosting your site, we’d sit between visitors to your site and the origin server where your site actually resides.