No web analytics data beyond 30 days

My domain has been setup with Cloudflare since the end of January. I’m trying to aggregate the web analytics data in order to estimate the number of potential clients for a subsequent product. However, despite the “custom range” option, I can’t seem to get the old data.

Am I doing something wrong or is it simply not possible? if not then why is the option there, is it used some other way?
If I can’t get the data in its graphical form, is there an API or some other way I can get it through a JSON or something?

I think this is an important issue. The interface clearly giving the illusion of being able to choose a long custom range for the data when it’s not the case is very problematic. The whole reason I set up the website in question was to obtain the data to get clearer insight by this time and if there was some hint of time limit I would’ve been prepared to pay to remove the limitation or used some other service if it’s not removable. I wish I hadn’t disabled and just kept Vercel’s analytics on but the one here seemed so much better that I just disabled the other to not affect performance by acquiring analytics twice.

Any help for a potential solution is appreciated, thanks.

I’ve just found a similar post from 1 and half years ago and the user seems just as frustrated with the fact that it’s mentioned nowhere considering it’s crucial information.

Why is it still not mentioned anywhere 1 and half years later?

According to this page you should be able to get up to 6 months worth of analytics. I haven’t looked into how, though, and just thought this might be useful to know.

What is the period of time I can access data in Web Analytics?
Currently, you can access data for the previous six months.

Thank you for the help. I did search and found that but nothing there nor elsewhere about how to obtain it. I hope I’m just missing it and someone will be able to guide though.