No way to see existing images

We need to be able to view the existing images,
It’s not very hard to know if we uploaded the same image few times with different names,
Is there a way but we just can’t find it?
We are afraid that Cloudflare image solution is not scalable,
Thanks in advance for any help,

Oren from Lexense.

If you’ve lost track of what you’ve uploaded, you can create a catalog using the API by listing your images, then grabbing any that are not in your catalog:

I have no idea what that has to do with how you keep track of your images. This is Object Storage with some image conversion features. Images scales to an unimaginable number.

Hi Sdayman,
Thank you for the fast respond,
I’ll try to describe what I am trying to do:
Worker A took 500 images and uploaded them manually.
Worker B created one new image, now he manually uploaded it.

We found out that Image number 300 that worker A uploaded, is identical to image number 1 that worker B uploaded.

My question is what is the correct way I can help worker B scan the existing images so he will not upload duplicate images, as for now I found no way to scan the existing images,

Thanks again for your help, waiting to here more.

Our main problem here is that we are expecting some of our workers to work manually with the images, but we found no way yet to review images that where already uploaded

Hi, thank you for reaching to us.

Can I clarify your use case is that you want to find duplicates or prevent uploading a duplicate? what would be a best solution for you?

I hope that new features are not customized for one user, but instead a generalized solution/feature will be implemented?

For doing so, I think a hash table would make sense. Every time an image was successfully uploaded it’s hash will be calculated and checked against the hashtable.


  1. hash not found ==> image will be stored as it likely does not exist
  2. hash found ==> image in fact needs to be compared to the image with the matching hash (pixel by pixel) as there is a theoretical chance of two different images producing the same hash.
    2.1. picture matches ==> duplicate - do not store
    2.2. picture does not matches ==> hash-false-positive (good we checked pixel-by-pixel) ==> store as new image with same hash as other

If an image gets deleted it’s hash must be deleted as well.

Note: this does not prevent you from uploading the same image in different sizes, as the hashes would be different.

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