No way around having Cloudflare fetching entire page from server before sending content to client?

I have an old web application that that takes a long time to fetch records from a database. It has been coded old style… showing a DIV tag with a “please wait…” message to the user … which at the end of the page load is hidden away as the full content is loaded. This worked fine until I put Cloudflare in front. Now Cloudflare doesn’t return a single byte of this page until it has fully fetched the page from the server. This can easily take 5-10 seconds. Is there a way to make Cloudflare deliver content to the client as it is ready?
I use Argo tunnels and load balancing pools by the way… and I have “cache-control: no-cache, no-transform” in the headers of this HTTP response.

There is a Cloudflare app called PACE that shows a progress bar when a page is loading. I’ve not tried it, but it’s the only thing that came to mind.

Thanks. I tested but it doesn’t remove the initial delay. What it does is display a progress bar after 5-10 seconds… for a duration of 1 second while the page content actually downloads (from Cloudflare).

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