No visitors on my website (on overview)

I have a website which receive 3k user weekly, I see it on Google Analytics. But when logged on Cloudflare, and looking into the analytics it shows me 0. Why?

Everything is working, but I do not know why this is happening.

Are your DNS records proxied (:orange:)? If not then they’ll never appear in those analytics.

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Thanks for your answer.
If I turn it on, my website goes down.

“goes down” how? What HTTP response code and/or error message were you seeing? Is your SSL Mode already set to Full (strict)? If it’s set to flexible and you orange-cloud it, you’ll likely create an infinite redirect loop.

What error do you get? Can you share a screenshot of it here with us? :thinking: → Seems like you changed your nameservers back to old ones, or something (if that’s the domain we are talking about here)