No Traffic

My cloudflare is saying there is no traffic - no visitors, no bandwidth nothing. Any help is gratefully received.

Your site probably isn’t proxied by Cloudflare. Or, if it is, it’s going through a different Cloudflare account. What’s the domain?

Only ever had one cloudflare account

That site isn’t proxied by Cloudflare. It’s going straight to your Apache server.

Are your DNS entries for “A” record and www set to :orange: Proxied?

I am wondering if there is some problems after my server changed address I thought I had changed everything to match the new address

No they weren’t. Not sure how they got switched off

I have switched on the proxy for all the entries that had the warning triangle. However, this entry "MX
DNS only
" Says that it exposes the IP, is this a problem? Sorry for the newbie questions

I have just received this message API Request Failed: GET /api/v4/zones/19e788a8be05163deb6db0b311187bd7/speed_testing (504)

Your ‘mail’ hostname should not be set to :orange: Proxied. And because mail is on the same server as your website, it’s normal to expose the origin IP address.

Okay I have turned if off and will ignore the Warning triangle! Thank you for your help on this. I really have very limited experience trying to sort these issues out.

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