No Traffic Stats for one of my sites

Not sure why no traffic shows for one of my sites : – I tried switching the DNS yesterday, maybe it hasn’t updated the stats?

Are your other sites also hosted on WP Engine?

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Yes and they announced Advanced Network. I tested it with 4 sites and lost my stats (but picked up 100ms or so which was neglectible). I switched them back including the DNS proxy in CF. Its been 2 days and still zero traffic (on all 4 I switched back). I double-checked with WPE to make sure no remnants and they assured me none. My guess is maybe it resolves itself in a week.

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I fixed the issue. When I switched the sites at WPE to AN network it deleted my certs and reissued new certs. I had to have tech support at WPE delete those certs and reissue letsencrypt for the proper IP. I kind of figured it was related to that , and it was. Stats are back.