No "Tiered Cache" under the Caching menu in some of my sites

In some of the websites that I’m managing for my clients there is no option for “Tiered Cache” under “Caching” menu but on some other website the option “Tiered Cache” is available.
What can make the “Tiered Cache” unavailable and how can I fix it?


Free zones don’t have access to tiered cache afaik

What is Free zones? do you mean that on free accounts?
I can see it on some free accounts in the CF admin.

They do, it’s just limited to smart or nothing:

For the issue at hand - maybe something with role permissions?

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In some of the zones the option “Tiered Cache” under the “Caching” menu is not exist, see the image:


Can you reach through this link?

No, I get 404 page: