No support for paid Zero Trust account

I have a paid Zero Trust account and I am am running into a technical issue. I submitted a support ticket, but the email response I got was an automated response saying the ticket had been closed and that I needed to upgrade to a paid plan to get ticket support. I then tried to use the chat support to find out why I could not submit tickets with my paid plan, but chat is just a bot telling me to submit a support ticket.

My paid plan was advertised with email and chat support; why can I not receive support through these channels?

Which plan are you on and approximately how long ago did you take out that plan?

I was on the free plan, which also advertises email support, but when I could not submit a ticket, I upgraded to the standard plan and resubmitted the ticket. I purchased the upgrade at 22:56ET last night and submitted the ticket again at 23:12ET last night. Should I try to resubmit the ticket to see if I outpaced the account change?

Where do you see that? The pricing page says this:
Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 19.19.48
If you saw email support listed somewhere then please let us know so we can flag that to be updated.

You are welcome to post your issues here and anything that can’t be solved by the community can be escalated to support.

I believe it can take up to 24hr for the systems to sync up and recognise your new support entitlement so that could be the issue here.

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This is the plan selection screen on the Zero Trust dashboard.

I’ll try to submit my ticket again now that it has been more than 24hrs. Thank you, domjh, for your help.

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Thank you, I’ll flag that up as it should be in line with the pricing page.

No problem, just let us know if you still have issues with the ticket and we can escalate it from here.

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Apologies for the confusion. Our team is working on addressing this issue. The updated information for the plans can be found here. We appreciate you bringing this to our notice.


Hi domjh and tobi,

I was able to submit a ticket and get my issue resolved. Thank you!