No Support for domain owners

I have tried repeatedly to recover a lost account with my domains registered with Cloudflare. The stupid email bot directs me to do things I cannot do without a website I don’t have. I cannot transfer them to my other account because transfer is prohibited. I am going to lose my domains because support cannot support me or offer other means of verification. I now regret leaving 1and1 which had real people and support.

Yes I am ranting because I [email protected] is useless to me.

Kindly, may I ask what is your ticket number? Can you post it here?
Maybe @cloonan could reach out.

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The best I got was on Ticket 2122272, where @support confirmed that I cannot access my old account to grant access to transfer to my new account.


Danny {redacted}


Danny {redacted}

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Thanks {redacted},

Now how do I recover my domain names from Cloudflare without MFA, recovery codes, or a website tied to any of my domains?

Absurdity is yours,

Danny {redacted}

Hi @deconfb can you share the name of the domain? I don’t see it on the ticket

What good would you do? The domains are transfer prohibited, so I cannot simply move them to another account. I tried before and the system says update the nameservers. I cannot get into the account to make those changes nor apply my codes for transfer.

I’d first make sure your ticket has the details that support needs to know and next I’ll route it to the registrar team to check out what’s going on and see if they can assist, they’ve helped in the past where customers get caught between account access and registrar. I don’t know if/how they’ll be able to assist, but if I can give them the details that helps to figure out what’s going on.

Edit - I see the agent merged a number of tickets into the above and escalated it to the appropriate team. I’ve add a link to this conversation and cc’d myself on the ticket to monitor progress.

Need nameservers nick and rafe. They currently use earl and

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Have had any luck? I was contacted last night on the ticket to verify the last 4 of the credit card, but it has gone silent since then.

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I saw that come through last night, thank you. I’ll reach out to the team to see if they need any more details (I don’t think so) and confirm back. Thank you.

Finally got access again and saved my account. Don’t mention MFA when asking for help. Be as vague as possible so you get a real person and not the bot. I guess they worked with billing to verify my current payment method. Left me hanging for few days and eventually removed two-factor.

Hope this helps anyone else with the domain names and no other service.