No such module "util" error

Hi all,

New to Cloudflare and building an API that connects to FaunaDB, using Cloudflare Workers. I will be having a DO as well, thus I am using a provided template - Durable Objects TypeScript Rollup ES Modules.
I’m building it step by step, just reviewed all required configs, installed and imported required dependencies for router (using Itty router) and created a basic route:

router.get("/", async (req: Request, env: Env) => {

    return text('hello world')


However, when I run wranger dev it throws the error bellow and I don’t understand where it is coming from because I don’t have any util module.

Any help is highly appreciated!
Many thanks

src/index.ts → dist/index.mjs…
created dist/index.mjs in 3.8s
Error: Something went wrong with the request to Cloudflare…
Uncaught Error: No such module “util”.
at line 0
[API code: 10021]

Line 0 sounds more like you’re importing a module that relies on util - could you post your full Worker code?

This is my file structure. What would you need to check? Sorry about all the questions, just getting started.