No subdomain in lookup

Why have so many domains names just the cloudflare record and one A? How is this possible even if the use subdomains.

It is not clear what you mean. Can you post an example or screenshot?

This website has also subdomains. If i lookup my domain they are listet

I feel like mine is the only one with subdomains when you dnslookup the domain

If you resolve only the naked domain, only the naked domain resolves. Still not sure about your question. If there are more records you need to resolve them individually.

Look if you dnslookup a domain all records are listet right? Also subdomains right? Why are there no subdomains listet? Am i dum

It is not. Only the record you actually asked for.

Every record i create is listet

I dont know what tool that is and censoring the output definitely does not contribute to answering your question.

However, as I said before only the queried record is returned.

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