No statistics i in Cloudflare Analytics?

According to the analytics I have no traffic, but that is not true. Why can´t I see any traffic here in Cloudflare? Site: Lån utan UC is correctly setup with name servers but no statistics in showing here :no_mouth:


That website is using Cloudflare DNS, but it’s not Proxied. Your DNS record for that domain needs to be set to :orange:

There are two ways:

Web Analytics is available for domains on paid plans. This one is based on traffic through Cloudflare to your domain and you don’t need to change your pages.

There’s also a free version (which requires to add a small script to your pages) which can be used by anyone. Look for Web Analytics on the bottom right of the dashboard:

I personally use the free Web Analytics on my paid plan because it sounds only actual visits, excluding some crawlers (it does count Googlebot visits though as it looks like it triggers the script).

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