No SSL/TLS Edge Certificates for .RU domain

We’re a company that uses different national domains to provide a service in different languages.
Today, we found that the request to domain vitaminglobal .ru returns ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error.
Currently, we disabled the DNS proxy on Cloudflare.

We also found that in SSL/TLS of the Cloudflare section no edge certificates for vitaminglobal .ru.

We’d like to know what’s wrong and how we can solve the problem.

Same problem as here. Please read this post: Cloudflare SSL Cert problems when accessing the site - #4 by KianNH


So, as I understand, do I need to disable Universal SSL and then enable it again?

Correct, that should create an edge certificate and things should come back to normal after some minuted.


Thank you very much!
It works now

You are welcome! For the future, if you post an error code (like this :point_down:)

there probably is already a tutorial. just read it, it would have said the same:

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