No SSL issued after 5 days

its been 5 days and SSL has not been issued and my website is still accessible over http

i followed all that nothing worked i submited a ticket and no response(id 1642484)

Whats the domain and can you post a complete screenshot of your Crypto section?

i provisioned with the CNAME (integrated from cpanel from my hosting provider)
My website is still accessible with http

A complete screenshot, this is just the top part.

However, being a setup through a partner, I’d contact the host first. Your www host does load on HTTPS fine though


yes but it is still accessible with http and that is my worry

It will always be accessible via HTTP, you simply need to make sure the HTTPS-rewrite is in place.

yes its enabled but doesnt work

Again, you need to post a complete screenshot.

And the redirect does seem to work too. Note the 301 status at

okk here

yes i see the 301 status…so why is is still accessible through http???

That is still not a complete screenshot.

Anyhow, as I already said it will always be accessible via HTTP. Considering that HTTPS and the redirect both work I guess there is no issue (anymore).

i can see that it redirects with www. but without it i.e it doesnt

Thats because that request does not go through Cloudflare but straight to your host. You really need to take this up with your host I am afraid. Alternatively you can set up a proper Cloudflare account.

okk wil check with my host

good news …i contacted my host and its been fixed…thanks for your support:sunglasses:

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