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I setup my website with Cloudflare but when I go to an SSL checker, it says there is no SSL detected. Any ideas? It has been 2 days since I set it up as flexible but it still isn’t working. I set it up through cpanel and am using a parked domain with Cloudflare. It says it is active on the Cloudflare website but it is not working. Any help would be appreciated. The website address is:

Install the certificates by going to cPanel > SSL/TLS > Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS) and pasting the 3 Cloudflare certificates? Also, you should avoid Flexible and use Full or Full Strict.

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This domain’s nameservers are not pointed at Cloudflare, nor is it being proxied by Cloudflare.

dig ns +short

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Sheesh. I missed the first step…

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Hi @carolcarrteam, you mentioned cpanel, are you signed up for Cloudflare via a partner? On your SSL/TLS app, does it indicate “active certificate”? If not, at the bottom, turn off universal ssl, wait 5 minutes, then re-enable. Sorry for the issue.

If signed up through a partner, the partner has not created proper DNS records on their behalf: 3600 IN CNAME 600 IN A

Hi @carolcarrteam, if I force SSL I get a protocol error. Some suggestion in this tip may help you troubleshoot this a bit more, but the DNS settings with you host are key, Community Tip - Fixing ERR SSL PROTOCOL ERROR

It doesnt seem like a partner setup to me. It appears to be a regular Godaddy domain, using Godaddy nameservers, and pointing to a free host.

Cloudflare does have two nameservers for it as well, so it would seem as if it was added at some point but never activated.

Furthermore, there is something listening on port 443 on that machine but that is a regular HTTP server and not HTTPS.

The zone shows internally as a partial set up and the DNS is listed as hosted elsewhere. I don’t see the Cloudflare name servers. @sandro, where are you seeing the cf name servers? That may mean it is the inverse of the 2nd quick fix in the above tip, cf name servers conflicting with non-cf??

(I do show two ns assigned for that zone, but that is the norm for partner setups).

All right then, that is what I was referring to.

Right now the domain doesnt seem to go through a partner setup though. Godaddy nameservers, free host, nothing pointing towards Cloudflare.

Something is missing here.


I am using a parked domain to use my Godaddy Domain with free - They are a partner with Cloudflare like you mentioned. I have tried disabling and then reenabling the Universal SSL but I am still getting a protocol error. Any more advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the help already this far.

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