No SSL Certificates

I had some domains on cloudflare and everything is okay with them, but recently I have added 2 other domains to my site list in cloudflare. They work fine but after several days, still there is no SSL certificate for them.
what should I do ?

What is the domain?

iranfilmplus . com
iranfilmplus . net

All of the certificates for those domains expired in the last few days. Check the status of your certificates on What does it say under “Edge Certificates”, and check the status of your Universal Certificates at the bottom of that page.^&sort=4&group=none^&sort=4&group=none

Thanks Michael,
and they are not supposed to be renewed automatically?
and what should I do for these domain now to have free SSL?
When I click on “Advanced Certificate Manager” for the universal SSL, the “Next” Button is not active and I can not proceed.

They should renew automatically, unless you have disabled Universal Certificates, or there is some other issue. It should look like this:

if it does not, can you tell me what its does say? Also, at the bottom of that page called “Disable Universal SSL”. What does it say? I disabled Universal SSL on one of my test domains and the button now says “Enable Universal SSL”

Thank you Michael.
The Universal Certificate was disabled. After enabling, SSL got renewed automatically and it works now :slight_smile:

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