No route to host | Cloudflare DNS/Bitwarden

Hi there, I am having a few issues with using Bitwarden on a Dedicated Server using Cloudflare as a DNS provider, without posting too much information, I am getting a “No route to host” error to upstream client which points to a Cloudflare server

I am using Bitwarden in a Docker container. If someone could direct message me I would be happy to provide more information about my set up

Thank you!

That is a Cloudflare address, but not one of the traditional proxy addresses but rather an outbound address.

That’s not an address you should be connecting to in the first place. In which context did you get it? You probably best contact the software vendor as this won’t be a Cloudflare issue per se.

Hey again Sandro,

Thanks for your help previously

Would it be possible to direct message just a snippet of my error log just so you can point me in the right direction? I’m very confused whether the issue is with Cloudflare or my Docker container as it mentions a 172 address

Just post it here (and redact any information you wouldn’t want publicly available).

2021/02/20 12:49:42 [error] 49#49: *23 connect() failed (113: No route to host) while connecting to upstream, client:, server: pw.XXXXXXXXXX, request: “POST /api/accounts/prelogin HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “”, host: “pw.XXXXXXXXX”, referrer: “https://pw.XXXXXXXXXX/

This is a Docker/Nginx error log

My understanding here is you get a request via the proxies (hence that 141 address) which is then proxied on to that 172 address but there is no routing set up on your network.

That would be a network issue in this case and not Cloudflare related.

Thank you kindly, I have a bit more ammunition to speak to Bitwarden support

Awesome, keep up the good work, thanks again! :heart:

No worries. I’d also check the overall network configuration as well as if that 172 address is correct. That address is a private one and your machine should be either in the same network or its router should at least know how to route it onwards.

That might be a good point… it’s a front-facing dedicated server with pfSense as a vRouter infront of the VM’s… I will have to look at this as well

Thanks :smiley:

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