No Response to a PRO User even after 48hrs...!


Good day!

Just for the sake of support, I upgraded to PRO. But no use!

You are saying you will respond to the tickets within 2hrs. Now I’m waiting for a response since 2 days!

Request #1617990

How many days should I wait for a response?


Akhil K A

It has been the Christmas/New year break so response times may be a bit slower than normal.

@cloonan @cs-cf

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I saw this banner:

From Dec. 20 - Jan. 2, please expect delayed support for Free domains. We encourage you to visit our Help Center and community to find answers to your questions. Happy holidays from Cloudflare!

I couldn’t read anything related to PRO users. But, Instead of 2hrs, I waited more than 2 days. That’s enough right?

If something critical happens on holidays, we have to wait days to resolve???

When did you purchase the pro plan? Also, the two hours are the median response time, not the maximum.

Pro plans should still get faster response, but it also depends on the issue.

Is there anything we can help you with?


I made my request after a day or two!

I know, the issue is something different. My question is, they can inform me!

Something like this I expected:


Since your request is complicated, you have to wait 2 or 7 days to resolve!

Since I explained everything, let me tell you the issue.

CF is not working for my domain, most of the time I’m getting railgun error.

I thought support can help me to fix this.

Due to security reasons, they wont check our account! They only “suggest/recommend changes”.

Then I realized that CF is for height tech people, or we need to hire someone.

So, I decided to move to SF. To use SF, I need to update my Nameservers!

The biggest mistake I did was, I transferred my domain to CF! Now I lost the ability to edit my nameservers.

And I need to wait 60 days to transfer back.


But, support told me that, they will update the NS. I provided the NS two days back…No response!

Now I’m paying here and there! And the site is offline most of time!

Totally locked!

I have never found that you need an enormous amount on knowledge to use :logo: (however I don’t use railgun!). I knew pretty much nothing when I started using CF but that’s a different question!

Unfortunately, as you probably gathered, the community will not be able to change your nameservers, so contacting support is the only way in this case. The community may be able to help you with the errors but if you want to transfer away, you will have to wait for support. I tagged @cs-cf and @cloonan and they may be able to have a quick look at the ticket for you.

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Thanks, brother.

I can say I have a decent knowledge in servers, domains and all these things, (Even I’m running a Discourse powered community like this on hetzner cloud).

I tried my level best to resolve my issue, I failed. SiteGround is providing Railgun, they are saying there is no issues on their side, CF is saying there is no issues here! Then who is the one making issues :joy:

Since SF has good chat support, and they guaranteed I decided to leave.

Anyways, I really appreciate your prompt response. I know the only way is to contact support, I thought someone from CF support will see and help me to resolve the requirement fast. That’s why I posted a topic here.


I know the feeling, I regularly get bounced between my host and a provider, both blaming the other!!

Hopefully one of the community team will pick up my tags and they will have a look at the ticket.

Hope it all gets sorted for you! :smile:

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Hi @akhilaniyan, sorry for the issues there and I see support is doing the changes. I added myself to the ticket to keep tabs on progress.


Thank you so much.

They updated the Namservers. I have few doubts, I have updated the ticket. I hope someone will respond soon to clear my doubts.

Once again thanks for the support.

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