No response on ticket

There was an issue with cloudflare routes while using Warp+ so I created a ticket by going to cloudflare site The ticket n.o is 3135928 and I haven’t gotten any response on it for the past 6 days. As I am a consumer warp user, I should be raising a ticket on, but every time I create a ticket over there regarding my issue, it always gets closed without the issue getting solved.

I suspect it’s a local routing issues you’re hitting with your isp, you may want to ask them.

Next, on the WARP app, select the :wbug: and let the team know about it directly.

The issue isn’t with my ISP. It is when I use Warp+ and connect to mumbai colocation server(nearest colocation near me). With warp+, many US ip address get routed via India–>singapore–>japan–>US on cloudflare routes. Routing US tarffic from mumbai via singapore and japan increases the latency to 300ms which is really high. One random day when the singapore-mumbai cloudflare route was down, all US traffic was getting routed via Europe which decreased my latency to around 200 ms. My second issue was that many Indian IP addresses in cloudflare warp get routed via france and back to India instead of routing it locally. I want to again clearly mention that the issue isn’t with my ISP, and it is with cloudflare routing within Warp, as I am connecting to the nearest colocation server with 11ms.

I have already reported this issue multiple times by clicking on the bug icon and reporting it, but they never do anything about it and after few weeks just close the ticket without any response. I have also created a ticket by going to cloudflare site on which there is no response for 8 days. The ticket n.o is mentioned in my first post.

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