No response for request ticket

Hi Cloudflare,

I submitted 2 requests about the payment error when upgrading to pro plan. They are 1716111 and 1716013.

I have urgent task to work on and it’s being blocked because of this. Please help me as soon as possible please.

Hi @huy.h,

Sorry about the issues and the delay. Opening multiple tickets does slow down support for you and others.

Perhaps @cloonan will have a look at the tickets for you.

Thanks Domjh

I’ve merged the tickets into the above and added myself. I see the replies from Support regarding the issue and the HAR file you submitted. After you follow the advice from their reply earlier, let us know if you’re still encountering the issue.


I want to upgrade my account to pro plan but I was not able to process the payment, tried it multiple times already. The code is 1289. What is the exact issue?

Probably a temporary glitch. I suggest you report it, but also keep trying every hour or two:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

I did try multiple times but it did not work, also reported already but still no response in more than 8 hours :frowning:

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Hi @huy.h, are you still encountering this issue? Did you try a different form of payment as suggested by support a few days ago?