No response after blocking my account

Some time ago I wanted to pay for another year for my domain. After logging in and trying to pay, I was asked to update payment details. I couldn’t however, because when saving new payment method notification with code 1292 popped up, that said to contact [email protected]. I sent a mail explaining what happened and was informed that Trust and Safety team will need to follow up directly. ToS team responded with: “This account was found to be in violation of Cloudflare’s Terms of Service. Specifically credit card fraud. The suspension is permanent.”. I suspect it might have something to do with what happended year earlier when paying for the domain. I got charged twice for it and thus wrote a ticket explaining the issue and after a while additional charge was returned and problem was resolved. I have a history in my bank account and on PayPal of the doubled transaction. I don’t think however that this is considered a credit card fraud as the refund was issued by the support. I replied to the ToS mail asking for clarification, but I saw no response since. After being left in the dark I wrote several tickets over the next couple months about this case, however every time I was redirected to ToS team and after that no response came. Did I violate Terms of Service by asking for a refund of a doubled transaction? Did I ask for help in the wrong place when submitting another tickets? Is there something I can do to keep using my domain?

Hi @pepege the Trust & Safety team is the right team to follow up with, members on the Community do not have access to your account nor details.


But what can I do if Trust and Safety team is not responding? I tried writing to [email protected] as suggested at the beginning and submitting a ticket that also gets sent to Billing team by the bot and both those are redirected to ToS team. I think first response from them was proxied by [email protected] so I can’t even contact them directly. What can I do if they’re not responding, other then leaving Cloudflare?

You could try to email abuse AT cloudflare DOT com and reference the original email/ticket. That team is the only team that can assist.


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