No requests in Teams dashboard anymore

Some weeks ago, I configured my ASUS router to use and as DoT.
DNS Filter is set to “router”.
My WAN-IP matches with the IP in Teams-Location.
Now, since about two days, I don’t see any requests anymore. See screenshots.


I’m not clear why the first section uses and, while the second section uses Gateway.

That 7-day graph shows some activity in the last two days. I believe each slice is about 7 hours. But I don’t know why your Last Hour screen would have no data. How does the Last 24 Hours screen look?

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Thanks for the fast answer.
The first section is DNS without DoT which is only used by router itself (e.g. in router terminal “nslookup” then is the DNS resolver)
The second section is the DoT which is used by the clients behind the router. All clients are forced to use the router as DNS (DNS Filter is set to router). says my DNS is
Here is the last 24h screen:

I still don’t know why there’s no logging. Do you know if your Gateway filters are actually being applied?

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Yes, the policy is beeing applied to my location.

The last request I see are from 3 days ago.

Hi @stonecarver, you’re on the deep purple bleeding edge here–we just released DoT support for Gateway on Friday :slight_smile:

Here are the docs, I think you need to update the IP address on your Asus router, the TLS auth host name appears to be correct.


But, but I used and as DoT since some weeks without problems. confirmed I was using DoT.
So it was Friday 13th this stopped working…hmmmm…

Now, do I have to put my DoT hostname adress instead of and adress in my router?
I’m missing the fallback if my DoT hostname adress becomes unavailable. Or is this irrelevant?

Use the following for your Asus router config:
IP Address:
TLS Hostname:

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Thanks, the dashboard is showing requests again.
But what if becomes unresponsive? Is there any fallback/second IP DoT? also works (nslookup your DoT endpoint gives you the available addresses) :smile:

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