No Reply on Support Ticket


here i created a ticket and no one bothers to reply it

well i know for free accounts supports are late but it took 5 days to them and its still not resolved.

now i closed that ticket and created a fresh one but look like there is no one to solve this issue.
[Cloudflare Support] 2095770
Your request (#2095770) has been submitted

Hi @gamejumx,

Creating multiple tickets about the same issue won’t speed up the process. Did you receive an automatic reply with some info that asked you to reply back if you still needed further help? If so, make sure you replied back from your account mail to open the ticket.

Is it an issue that we may be able to help with here?

actually one one of site it got resolved

but for this site i am following up with them to get it fixed as earliest

Now the ticket moved to

Danai (Cloudflare Trust & Safety)

Mar 2, 2021, 8:37 AM PST

Thank you for your report.

Cloudflare offers network service solutions including pass-through security services, a content distribution network (CDN) and registrar services. Due to the pass-through nature of our services, our IP addresses appear in WHOIS and DNS records for websites using Cloudflare. Cloudflare is not a website hosting provider, and we cannot remove material from the Internet that is hosted by others.

To ensure the prompt processing of your abuse report we request that you please submit your abuse report through Cloudflare’s abuse reporting web form at:

What i am going to submit to abuse i dont know
i have problem with the site so why i need to feel that abuse report

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i am following up with this issuse from past
1 month and still not got the proper solution.

here is the ticket
[Cloudflare Support] 2095770

i followed what you guys said and still my problem is not yet resolved.
Please let me know what i ma going to fix these issue.

as you guys said get a stream service and stream the video content and the problem will get resolved.

but here i am not routing a single video via cloudflare.
so please guys its a request here to take a look into this matter.

Hi @gamejumx,

We don’t have access to support tickets, so you will either need to reply to the ticket, of if you think the community can help, explain what the issue is.

i have added a addon domain for
and did not notice that it was routing thorough via Cloudflare.

after that i got to know that serving videos through Cloudflare is against there TOS

now its been a month and i disabled routing via Cloudflare.

support tickets said that get a enterprise account or get the stream account to serve files through stream service.

now i purchased that stream and served videos through them those limitations added to my account is not lifted.
but here i am not serving any videos through cdn still there is not lifting the limitation from the domain.

please let me know what else i can do to fix the issue.

You will need to follow up on this with Trust & Safety. The community cannot help with abuse related issues.

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