No reply from support in 3 weeks?

Hello, i’m trying to get my MFA reset on my account and I haven’t heard anything from Cloudflare support in almost 3 weeks. Ticket number #2308928. Is there anyone here who could assist? Thanks

I had to setup this seperate account to be able to post here.

hey hi @user14697 !
as I can see, you have already received the automated answer, asking from you to place the required files in your webserver.
if you can’t add files to your server, please create a new account with us, and move your domains to the new account.

I was able to add the files to my account and replied to the ticket.

But never got a reply since I added the .well-known files. The well-known files I used are from a second ticket I opened up, 2326688.

Please verify that the codes from that ticket work and disable 2fa from my account. Thanks!

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