No replay to my ticket

We have opened a ticket for a problem with the SXG cache which, although disabled and cleaned 7 days ago, continues to be active and from the support a single message that says that the website is ok giving an answer 200 !!! This is unacceptable a real shame for a paid pro plan!

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I noticed the reply from a few hours ago; have you taken the suggested actions?

Specifically, can you clarify further, which URL were cached when they are not supposed to be cached? And, as our engineers have indicated, we are not seeing any redirect. Will you let the agent on the ticket know which URL is performing the redirect?

Thank you for your support, which however remains very slow for a pro plan, 4 days on average for an answer I do not think are satisfactory

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Iā€™m afraid the Pro SLO is 5 days for all priority levels.

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