No registrar support for ccTLD?


will cloudflare registrar add ccTLDs or atleast .in domain to their tlds list?

i only see some bunch of less used,unfamiliar tlds like .wtf .sex .toys



They just started and list will be continiously extended. Just be patient :slight_smile:


It looks like Cloudflare have initially integrated with the APIs of a few big players. Verisign for .com and .net, Public Interest Registry for .org, and Donuts for the big list of new gTLDs.

I would expect to see this list start to include the most popular ccTLDs after Wave 1 starts.

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early access says wave 1 mid october now its almost end of october. :slight_smile:


And their CEO said: sorry, unfortunately there’s a delay. :wink:


.Pro and .io is not support。:confused:


Matthew said on Twitter that at least .io it’s on the list.

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as soon as possible


.cc & .co needed, one is Verisign powered and the other is Neustar, which I think should not be a pain to support them.


today i got access to domain transfer.
but i have a question why .mobi is not supported? it is managed by the same registry as .info (afilias) .info supported then why not .mobi ?


.Pro needed


This might be a longshot, but I’d highly appreciate .gy support.

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I’d love to see .LT !