No puedo entrar a mi web

saludos, cambie los nombres del servidor godaddy por los de cloudflare para obetener el ssl pero ahora no puedo entrar a mi web ni a mi software para editar mi plantilla web, cabe destacar que tengo 16 horas solamente desde que hice el cambio mencionado, alguien me puede decir si es normal que pase tanto tiempo? solo debo esperar o algo hice mal?

What’s the domain?

That domain is using Cloudflare DNS, but it does not have “A” or “CNAME” records for or www. They should be the same as what your website host has in your DNS settings there.

But where can i change it? in godaddy? or in cloudflare? if is cloudflare, what should i do?

You have to add them in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

I dont know how to fix it

Add an “A” record for with that 160… IP address and another “A” record for www also with that 160… IP address.

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