No PTR record showing

Greetings! I’m being directed by mail tester to change my pointer (PTR type) DNS record and the host name of my server to the same value. (They are both Outlook addresses, but they are different.)

However, there is no PTR record shown in my DNS display, hence nothing to change. I presume that means that the mismatched PTR values are being delivered from the Outlook server(s), and I need to get my mail account source (GoDaddy) to help me sync those values?

(I know just enough about this stuff to be dangerous, so make no assumptions…)

The reverse DNS (PTR) must be set at whatever entity that owns the IP address (hoster, etc.), not at the DNS.

So at the hoster you set the rDNS to your domain (your_ip → your_domain), and at the DNS (in your case, Cloudflare) you make sure that for that domain the correct IP address (your_domain → your_IP) is set.

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