No propagation after 48 hours for a subdomain's NS records

I’ve logged in to my account in Cloudflare and added a new subdomain by giving it NS records, but it doesn’t seem to work, and we lose money every hour it doesn’t propagate.
It has been more than 48 hours already.
You can see in almost no server got it, although some (very few) did.

I’ve submitted a ticket but only got automated replies. Can someone assist?

It is right there

nslookup -type=ns
Address:     nameserver =     nameserver =

Everything else will depend on these nameservers, but that is something you have to clarify with the person responsible for those servers.

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Thanks, I’ll definitely check this! But how come shows some servers acknowledge the propagation while most don’t?


Because your nameservers appear to be broken, but as I said that is something you need to clarify.

The domain itself has been properly delegated.

If they’re broken, shouldn’t every single server reject this?

Cant tell you that, but thats rather a case for StackExchange. As I said, the domain is delegated on Cloudflare’s side.

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