No preview with HTML App

Hi There, I don’t really know if it’s the right place, hope it will.

For a couple of days, I’m not able to see any preview with the HTML App, my other apps work correctly.
I’m trying to update my html header since, without success.

Is there any other solution than the HTML App, is it working correctly on your side? Have you any clue?

Thank You

Is that the “Add HTML” app in the Cloudflare Dashboard Apps section? It shows me a preview. Give your browser’s “Dev Tools” feature a try (F12 on Chrome) and look at its Console log.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I saw your preview I tried somethin.
I deleted a html block which was fully loaded with content, and then the preview appeared once again.
I’m wondering now, as I’m still unable to select the section, how can I add a code on this section.

Does that “Pick a location” button let you point and click to where you want your code inserted? I’m not able to the that point and click feature to work.

I can pick a location but it’s still in the body section. I think to pick a location, the location needs to be visible. As the section is only meta data, I can’t do that, or it seems I can’t do that.

I was hoping that Point and Click would show me the secret identifier it uses to target a specific location. Something that would give me a hint of how I could manually type in the target location. That’s about all I can suggest, as I’ve not used this App, but I’ll keep it in mind, as it looks pretty handy.

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That exactly what I just do :slight_smile: (filling the field with “head” instead of “body” by default). Trying to add the location manually. It seems to work. Finger cross.

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Many thank for your time and your help, it was really appreciated