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I’m pretty new to using CDN. I just activated the free version just to see a change in experience but I don’t see any mayor changes. in the first 30 min I did have a feeling it was loading much faster. but now 2 hours later it’s back to the slow speeds. We are running a Magento 1.9.* website does anyone have any good suggestions what this could be. Would Argo be huge advantage for our system?


Only your server can speed up a dynamically generated page such as Magento. Cloudflare is good at caching and speeding up static files. A waterfall view of your page load can help pinpoint slowness. Post your domain name if you’d like more feedback.

#3 is the domain name. We have done everything to get a high score on GTmatrix. But the website remains unreliably slow.


Your first request (TTFB) does seem to be a point of slowness, but CF can’t really help with that. I’m not familiar with Magento, but maybe there’s a cache plugin that can help with TTFB?


There are a number of Magento specific performance optimizations which can be made to improve performance.


Thank you for your response in “page rules” " bypass cache on cookies" is not an available option. Is that possible?


I believe it is only available on Business and Enterprise plans.

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