No peer certificate error

I am having about SSL Certifacate.
When I check this command I am getting error.
Command : openssl s_client -connect
Error : no peer certificate available

No client certificate CA names sent

SSL handshake has read 7 bytes and written 0 bytes
BUT When I try with my-site-url IP-ADDRESS it is working and showing Certificate details.

I checked my Server and it is not related to Server settings. Because another website in my same Server is showing Certifcate details without problem.

I have dedicated SSL on Cloudflare.
What can be the issue?
Urgent help please.

What’s the domain? Assuming your domain is not actually :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Yes. It is not that. But I handled the error. I removed Proxy option on A record. And it is ok now. By the way everything looks ok but is there any cons of removing Proxy option and making it only DNS?

Yes, that is not using any of Cloudflare’s services. It’s going straight to your server.

Then what is the solution of using both? Proxy and SSL certificate? I mean according to my problem is there any way to fix this?

The proxy needs to remain on, but does your site have HTTPS now without the proxy?

Yes. It has HTTPS. I am really confused.

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