No payment method associated with the specified account (Code: 1208)

I have an issue with my account, and site.

For whatever reason, although I followed the set up instructions correctly, when I go to the “overview” section of the dashboard, I see a green box saying “Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site”, however, when I click the link “Manage domain”, my site name appears, however above it I see "
Not on Cloudflare", and a red bar appears at the bottom of the page saying “No payment method associated with the specified account (Code: 1208)”, I have confirmed through the fact that neither caching nor the auto minify features of my site are working, that cloudflared isn’t in fact working.

I opted for the free tier, so do not understand why it is asking for payment and why my site won’t link to cloudflare.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

I wouldn’t expect any need for a payment unless you sign up for a paid feature.

What’s the domain?

I think it may be that it takes 48 hours for the nameserver to switch over, as I’ve yet to receive the confirmation email. I just added and removed the sit, I’ll create another thread if the issue persists after 48 hours.

Hi bobsmith1249,
If you continue to see this error when attempting to order a paid plan, I would recommend that you reach out to your Billing Team by creating a ticket from within your dashboard or email [email protected].