No password reset email received


I’ve searched through the forum for a solution and saw many posts from people with the same issue. I have requested a password reset and never received an email (I followed recommendations - waited 20 minutes before requesting again, checked junk folders, etc). I emailed support and the auto-reply shows that they’re dealing with high volumes.
Some previous posts included a ticket number here and were able to get assistance.
I don’t know if this will help…any assistance/guidance will be greatly appreciated. #2020770.

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Hi @mdtayl,

Can you confirm if this was a temporary issue and if you are now able to receive the emails, or if you are still having the same problem?

No, the issue has not resolved. Support replied with the same link that I’ve been using, no password reset link has been sent (not in junk/spam folder either).

OK, thanks for following up. It’s difficult for the community to assist here, so it’s better to wait for support to reply. Please do let us know if we can help further, though.

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