No orange clouds after setting up Cloudflare



I’m not sure I understand how the orange and grey clouds for dns work. My site is active but I don’t have a single orange cloud next to any of my dns records.
I realize they can be activated manually but is it normal to have no orange clouds and if my domain is already using Cloudflare’s dns servers why do they need to be activated?


Cloudflare provides two services:

  1. DNS (IP address lookup)
  2. Reverse Proxy (speed and security…requires Cloudflare DNS)

You have already successfully set up the DNS part. Now you have an efficient and reliable DNS server for your domain.

Your next step would be to fully enable Cloudflare for your web server, which requires those DNS entries to be set to :orange:.


Hi @sdayman, thanks for your help. In the tutorials I’ve seen, some of the DNS entries were automatically set to :orange: so I was wondering why that didn’t happen in my case. Is it best practice to change all :grey: to :orange:?


Not all… Only the DNS entries for websites should be :orange:. If it’s for email, FTP, or anything else that’s not HTTP/S, it should be :grey:.


Ok, why weren’t those website entries automatically set to :orange:? Is it normal to have to set those entries to :orange: manually?


Not necessarily. If Cloudflare sets certain DNS entries to :orange:, some people’s services get cut off, then stuff stops working.


Ok, I see what you mean. So, by changing a DNS entry to :orange: the DNS will then point to a Cloudflare data center rather than the original web server?


Correct. It will route visitors through Cloudflare, instead of hitting your server directly.


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