No option to transfer domains in my account

I have a free account and I do not have the “Domain Registration” tab on my top bar. Am I unable to transfer domains to Cloudflare with a free account? If not, how come I do not have the option?

This should be available to free accounts, and as far as I know, all accounts have access.

Just to confirm where you are looking, from the top-left there should be a Cloudflare icon, maybe an account selector (you must select one), then something called “Menu”, domains is in the Products section near the bottom.

Or try this link to Domains

This is what I see, both when I navigate there myself and when clicking your link.

My top menu is the same on my dashboard as it is in this image, with no option for domain management.

Okay, that’s a good start. Do you have active domains? Does Cloudflare show the domain as pending nameserver change or fully active?

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I just added a domain to my site, and is currently pending. Adding a domain did not add the management option though.

You can’t transfer a pending domain, only active domains can be transferred.