No option to edit "Protect your login"

I have other CF sites that are not having this issue (in a different account though). I’m in Firewall > Tools > Rate Limiting. The “Protect your login” button is lighter blue (like it is for sites that already have this set), but no rule for the login appears below to edit or cancel. Here’s a screenshot:

Any idea what might be causing this, and how I can edit/delete this rule (assuming that there is actually a rule in place and is just not being displayed)?

This has been consistent over several weeks (just haven’t had time to create this topic), I’ve logged in/out; cleared cache/cookies; tried an incognito browser; looked for other setting that might be affecting this, but not finding anything. I’ve also searched for other topics/posts and I’m not seeing anything that looks relevant.


If it’s Dark Blue, then you don’t have “Protect my login” enabled:

If it’s Light Blue, then it should be enabled with the rule itself listed at the bottom of the box:

You can either :wrench: Look at it, or X Delete it.

Yes. Look at the screenshot. It’s light blue, but there is no icon for editing or deleting. All of my other accounts look like what you have described. But not this one. Any idea why?

Yes, I see the light blue. And I see my Protect My Login rule right below it.

Oh…yours. I generally don’t click on external links. Interesting that yours doesn’t say that you’ve used 0 of 1 rules. Or anything, actually.

Open a ticket and post the Ticket # here.

Sorry. Didn’t realize I could post images here. This is what I’m seeing:

Light blue, but no rule displays, and no option to edit.

This is a free level account, so no option to create a ticket. I do have the protect my login option for my other free accounts, so I know that it’s not a feature related restriction.

Any suggestions?

Trying once again: See the screenshot in my last reply. The light blue “Protect your login” indicates that there is already a login rule, but there’s no rule to cancel or edit below. Anyone have any idea how I can get access to the login rule to edit it when I can’t see it.

For instance, maybe I could try to Delete Rate Limit through the API? Or is no rule displaying really an indication that there is no rule?

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