No NS servers for Cloudflare Registar?


I have issue with Cloudflare Registar. NS servers are lost for some DNS providers, including Cloudflare ( If I understand correctly, I even can’t change NS servers in case of Cloudflare Registar.

Dig and whois details:

$whois | grep 'Name Server'
Name Server:
Name Server:

$ dig @ +noall +answer NS

$ dig +noall +answer NS         86400   IN      NS         86400   IN      NS

$ dig @ +noall +answer NS

$ dig @ +noall +answer NS         74362   IN      NS         46540   IN      NS

Any ideas? I can’t find the issue.

When you transferred your Domain to Cloudflare you did not disable DNSSEC as required, and the parent zone contains DS records.

I’ll escalate this post for the attention of the Customer Support Team so they can get back to you here. If you have already contacted Support, please share your ticket number here so that they can track it.

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It was transferred more than a year ago and everything was fine. The issue happens only yesterday regarding the Google Cloud monitoring.

How it is possible to fix this DNSSEC issue?

Can you check your Audit Log for any relevant events?

Can you share a screenshot of the DNSSEC section from the DNS tab of your dashboard?



Purge everything was my try to clear all cache first during investigation, I suppose.


Google Cloud Monitoring:

Oh, is it possible because I added one of the subdomains to hoster reverse zone? But this was 8 days ago. No more DNS changes at all.

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I do see DS records. But I am not sure why does the domain still thrown SERVFAIL errors. Have you already raised a ticket for this one? If not can you please create a ticket and post the number so that we can escalate further as required?

I am on the free plan, so I suppose I have no option to open a support ticket?

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I am checking with the team. Will update shortly on this one

Escalated internally. Will keep the thread updated with the next steps


Should I purchase a plan with support contract to resolve this issue faster? Root A/AAAA records for this domain are not critical, but some subdomains are. For example, some subdomains affect thousands of customers.

1 day 9 hours downtime so far.

Any news? It is 48h downtime already.

No need i think as @AnjanaM told she will be updating in this thread please wait fr her .

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Thanks for this. I have update from the Registrar team that there is nothing wrong with the configs. Can I ask you to please toggle your DNSSEC once? If this does not resolve I will reach out to other team.

I understand this is frustrating but this is something very odd and hence we are trying to understand where is the problem

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Thank you. DNSSEC off and on helps. Are any chances to understand the root cause of the issue? I am really want to avoid such incidents in the future.

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