No NS propagation since last 3 days

I have added 1 domain ( to CF account. All the records are functioning well.
Here, I want to add 1 subdomain ( to the main domain name but that has to be controlled from GCore dns service and not from CF. So, in CF’s DNS section, I have added 1 NS record with the value ‘test’ pointing to ** and ** NS records. TTL is 5min.

Now my problem is, since last 3 days, this NS record is still not propagated to network. I checked this on multiple propagation check websites like

What could be the problem?

Hello there,

I doubt this would work the way you’ve mentioned. Instead, it should be your-subdomain with pointing ip address which then needs to kept as :grey: DNS only.

Or are you referring to this?

The solution you are suggesting would be correct if I would be trying to add A record only. (say, for web hosting purpose only). But I am trying to delegate the subdomain from CF to different dns server (GCore here). That would imply changing NS records only.
Ip address can be used as A or AAAA record only, and NS record has to be fqdn only.

Yes, I am referring to this, exactly.

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Without knowing the actual domain, the most likely issue is that you’re not looking up the DNS record correctly a d/or that the delegated nameserver is not configured correctly.


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