No nameservers for DNS zone registered on Cloudflare after terraform-import fail


I’ve registered a new domain on Cloudflare a couple days ago. I use Terraform for everything, so I imported the DNS zone (cloudflare_zone resource) with the zone ID.

Unfortunately I’ve made a typo on the domain (lol), but the import was successful anyway. After I applied the configuration, the zone for the correct domain was deleted and a new zone for the domain name with typo was created.

After I realised my mistake, I’ve corrected the typo. Deleting the zone with typo and creating the original one.

There comes the error: no nameservers were provisioned. Cloudflare is currently waiting for me to point nameservers to Cloudflare nameservers for the domain. Which I can’t do since the domain was registered with Cloudflare Registrar.

Any suggestins? I think I will need someone from Cloudflare to look at this.

Perhaps it is a bug that in Terraform, Cloudflare zone with it’s zone ID but different domain name can apply changes to the zone, when those two items does not match?

Update: if I go to Domain registration > Manage domains > and click “Manage” in Dashboard.

Cloudflare tries to open the domain management page, but after about a second, I get redirected back to the “Manage domains” page. I can manage any other domain, but not this one.

You will need to raise a registrar ticket to get the nameservers fixed.

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Will do. Thank you!

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