No nameservers displaying when setting up a new domain

Hello, I noticed that cloudflare wasn’t receiving any domain traffic. I researched the user docs and see that I need to redirect nameservers. Your instructions say that the nameservers I shoul use can be found on the overview page. However NO nameservers are listed on that page, and I cant seem to find them anywhere else!

Many thanks for your help with this easy one…

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That should help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @lee5, the only reason you would not see name servers listed as in the screen shot from @intr0 is if you’re signed up for Cloudflare via a partner. In that case, on the DNS tab you’ll see a message “Your DNS zone file is hosted by…” followed with the details on how to update your DNS records.


Thank you for this. But my overview page doesn’t look the same, and I cant find the cloudflare nameservers panel you have illustrated in the screenshot. I have attac

hed a screenshot of what I see…

Thank you cloonan,

Yes, I can see that DNS tab shows a link to my hosting provider… but where do I find the cloudflare servers that I should point my DNS to?

They would show in the DNS tab of the dashboard.

If you sign up through a partner, often you don’t have to change the nameservers, it is often done automatically, but a CNAME is often created, as in this support article:

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Hmmm. I have clicked through to my hosting provider, and cannot find any reference to cloudflare at their end. I am sure cloudflare was working fine a few years back, but now there isn’t any traffic showing in the cloudflare stats. So I’m assuming this is a DNS problem. It’s just that there aren’t any references to the nameservers I should be using on any of the cloudflare management panels.

I’m stumped!

Do you think I should delete the domain from cloudflare and then re-add it?

Hi @lee5, sorry, I missed part of one of the comments above. The name servers show on your DNS tab (as @domjh mentioned), not the overview tab you showed. In this case, I see the servers point to Cloudflare:

$ dig ns +short

And, the site loads and there is a certificate in place:

But, there are some mixed content issues. On the crypto tab, can you enable Automatic HTTPS rewrites and visit the site again?

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Hi Cloonan, thank you for your email. I decided there really was something wrong. So I deleted the website and started fresh with cloud flare. So the website that you have just viewed is the new installation!

Thank you loads for your help! I want to make this site sizzle! I shall look into your other issues/suggestions tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Hi cloonan, I visited the crypto tab for It is showing that Automatic HTTPS rewrites are enabled. …

Hi @lee5,

That setting can help with a lot of mixed content issues, however it can’t fix them all. Some have to be fixed directly on your site / server.

Please see this post for some tips :slightly_smiling_face:

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